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Why ‘Gotham’ Is Awesome

Why ‘Gotham’ Is Awesome

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Gotham has had many problems during its inaugural season, most of which revolve around its refusal to give characters other than the Penguin.... Gotham has never shied away from forging its own path with the Batman lore, but we think these six stories definitely deserve to be told on the Fox series.. Robin Lord Taylor's performance is awesome, award-worthy. Watch Gotham! There's nothing more to say. 18 out of 23 found this helpful. Was this review helpful?. Fox's Gotham started out as a relatively straight-laced Batman prequel, focusing on young detective Jim Gordon and a preteen Bruce Wayne.... Gotham has had many problems during its inaugural season, most of which revolve around its refusal to give characters other than the Penguin anything.... As a long-term Batman fan, I really enjoy watching the Gotham TV series. ... be significantly older than he is in his later appearances), but it's still pretty awesome.. A page for describing Awesome: Gotham. Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 4 Season 5 Meta Examples . It's certainly its own unique thing. I like that part. I also don't have an issue with Gotham introducing villains pre-Batman, which for some reason,.... Why 'Gotham' Is Awesome. gotham_banner. MINOR SPOILER WARNING: This post talks about general character direction, minor plot points,.... This photo shows the Gotham baseball club, one of the two teams seen in the first ... Gotham Baseball Club, 1864 American History Awesome Radio - Narrated.... Jerome is making his way back to Gotham, and the reason for his return is completely awesome. Get the details!

So few shows have awesome scores anymore. Think back to the last time you saw a TV show with a really exemplary soundtrack, one that.... But thankfully Gotham wasn't without its overall excitement that came from watching Bruce Wayne grow into the man he would eventually become. Along with this.... Awesome. I'm sure the genderbending made some dude on the internet mad, which automatically puts Firefly in the upper echelon of "Gotham".... Why Gotham is AWESOME (20 Sep. 2017). TV Episode | Comedy, Talk-Show. Know what this is about? Be the first to add the plot. Added to Watchlist.. Gotham. 3718812 likes 24668 talking about this. An origin story of the great DC ... awesome actor's I'm going to miss Gotham massively but again an awesome.... Gotham updated their cover photo. ... Joana Santiago Dubsok I though Batwoman was in Gotham. 18w. Robert Blackwell ... Gotham is awesome!! Thank you for.... Gotham is definitely superior compared to the other DC shows: the other DC shows have constant romance and drama problems. Gotham delivers stories past and present and give us such a lowdown on them all. The characters are really good, the only bad(ish) character I'd say is Jim Gordon: he's majorly boring and ego.. Sometimes it seems like I'm the only comic book fan prepared to defend this show. Alright then, let's get .... Lili Simmons as Selina Kyle Catwoman in Gotham. The first scene featuring Selina Kyle in the series finale is awesome as she cleverly and...


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